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I'm so happy Darcy's finally here... ^_________^
Anyway, as promised, I've got pictures!

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Hadrian got his new shoes today, so I decided to do a little photostory. It's fairly pointless, it's mostly just something to show off his shoes ^_^ but I like it anyway.

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I've got four different groups of pictures that I've taken over the past few days, but haven't posted them anywhere yet. So I thought I'd just post all of them in one post, instead of bombarding people's journals with picspam. So here we go. And just as a quick note, Hadrian's personality changes a lot. I think he's got multiple personalities or something...

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Hey, everybody. Hadrian here. I've got more pictures of guess who? ME! And I'm probably annoying you all by now, but I don't care. Mwahaha! But, see, I'm happy, because jianmei finally took me out in the snow.

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Just figured I'd post my next Hadrian photostory, which I already posted on DoA, but I like to post them here, too.

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So instead of me working on the English essay draft I have due tomorrow, Hadrian decided it was time for his first photostory. I'll let him narrate.

Hi! It's me, Hadrian. So, this morning, I decided I wanted to see what the world looked like outside. It turns out, though, that the world isn't really built for someone as small as me, so it took a little while to get there. If you're interested, I've got pictures!

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He came this morning -- which I can't believe because he was only shipped Friday -- and I was still in my pajamas. So my mom answered the door, and the guy was like, "I have a package from Korea for you." I got it from him, and then I wouldn't put the box down until I found the camera and brought it into my room.

My boy is so adorable, I can't believe it. I love him so much.

So here's the pictures and more squee-ing from me behind the cut:

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So I got bored today... Really bored. Which resulted in me digging out my camera and trying to take pictures of things. I must've taken about twenty pictures of my Wesley and Angel figures, trying to get them to look right, but my camera's stupid. If I leave the flash on, their faces are completely blanked out, and if I turn the flash off, it's so blurry you can hardly even tell what you're looking at. So eventually I gave up and decided to take pictures of Tigger and my new scarf instead. It evolved into sort of a mini-photostory...

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