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Okay, here I go. Warning: massive link dump ahead. When I've got 32 windows open, each containing several tabs, it's time to close a few before my computer 'splodes.

Neil Gaiman posted on his blog a question someone asked him about fountain pens. And now I have this urge to go out and buy a really pretty fountain pen, even though I have very little experience with them. I'd just like to write pretty words in pretty journals with a handwriting style that is better than my own. Speaking of pretty: flickr has fountain pens.

Neil Gaiman reads a poem called "Instructions" from "Fragile Things". I want that guy to come to my house and read me bedtime stories every night.

Wikipedia says...
Tautologies are funny. So are people with really unusual names.

[ profile] sam_storyteller has written a nice little fic about young!Jack Harkness, called I Were The Heavens.

Eleventh Doctor doesn't look so bad when he's all dressed up.

...Wow, that wasn't nearly as many links as I thought it'd be, but that's it for now. More later if I get bored again.
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Yesterday was wonderful. We had sweet potatoes and the most delicious cranberry stuff and turkey and stuffing and green beans and rolls and PIE and cookies and I think I need to go work out for several hours.

Also, I got a Kindle for Christmas, which had me grinning like an idiot for about an hour after I opened it. It's so pretty...
Now my goal is to make myself a new case for it, similar to the case in this thread.
The first book I bought on it is The Graveyard Book by Neil Gaiman, and it's pretty good so far.

In addition to the Kindle I got, among other things, Series 2 of Doctor Who, Eddie Izzard's Definite Article DVD, and Bafflegab, which looks like it should be a fun game to play. Haven't played it yet, but the basic idea is to create a story in five minutes with a few words and phrases that you choose from the decks of cards.

Aaaaaand, my brother got a Wii, which we've been playing quite a lot since yesterday. Turns out I actually like baseball. Now I can't wait to get some other games for it. I'm thinking The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. The last Zelda game I played was Majora's Mask. I've got some catching up to do...


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