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I keep thinking about poor lil' Gus, and how he's been here since January and I really haven't done much with him. And the more I think about it, I'm deciding that he shouldn't be a Luts Bory, but instead should be a Bluefairy Tommy. Bory's just too grumpy-looking for my happy Gus. And I've discovered that I'm not really a big fan of the Kid Delf bodies. I hate the hands -- they're so big -- and his head just seems like it's too small for his body. I love the Bluefairy bodies so much more.
But if I sell Gus, that means I've got the slightly complicated task of selling a doll that my family doesn't know I own, so I'll have to package him and ship him out and everything when they're not home. Also, I've never sold a doll before and so I've got that guilt thing going on. But I think if I sold him and then maybe got a Tommy to replace him eventually, I'd be so much happier. Because right now, I just keep thinking, "Think how many pairs of shoes/clothes/CDs Gus would buy me if I sold him." And if I'm thinking that about a doll, I probably shouldn't be keeping him, should I?
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So, I did the stupid thing and bought a new doll. ^_^
He got here on January 11th, and I've just been too lazy to post the pictures I've taken so far. So here they come, in one giant picspam.

His name is Gus Alain Gale. He's seven years old, and he's adorable. Only I feel really bad because my parents don't know that I have him yet, so he's been living in a drawer. But anyway, on to the pics! First are some pictures of just Gus, then I've got some with Hadrian and Darcy in the snow, too.

More of Gus and the boys behind the cut! )


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