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Okay, I'm pretty sure no one else I know watches this show, but I am desperate for some fanfic of The Fosters right now. Brain trauma is like, my thing in fic, and now Jesus has just woken up from a coma, speaking gibberish! WHY IS THERE NOT FIC OF THIS YET. ...Maybe I'll have to write it myself. I desperately want aphasia!Jesus.
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I was browsing through my DVR last night, and started reading the summaries of the Doctor Who episodes, which turned out to be hilarious.

First we have the summary for "Silence in the Library", which doesn't really do a very good job of summarizing the episode accurately:

The Doctor and Donna are apprehensive about confronting Shifting Shadows, ghastly Nodes, and an edacious Data Ghost in an abandoned 51st century library that is inexplicably linked to the imagination of a 21st century schoolgirl.

So first of all, the Shifting Shadows (who have a much cooler name) don't just shift, they eat all of the flesh from your bones in nanoseconds. Give the things some monster credit, please. Also, last time I checked, the Data Ghost of Miss Evangelista, if that's the one they're referring to, wasn't extremely hungry. Unless you count that dying glitch/wish for ice cream...

The next summary, which was for "Forest of the Dead", similarly misrepresents the episode, while adding in a particularly amusing typo:

The Doctor and the rest of his team escape from the Vashta Nerada with a sonic screwdriver and navigate the terrors of a neglected library that includes a trapped door, mysterious shadows, a black-robed figure, and a Data Ghost.

Trapped door? Really? The people at Fios need to find a good editor... (Pick me! Pick me!)


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