Apr. 12th, 2008 05:29 pm
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So I gots me a new iPod for my birthday yesterday. It's quite nice -- 80 Gb, while my last one was only 20 -- but that click wheel is uber-sensitive. Takes awhile to get to the right selection sometimes. And I'm not sure what I think about the Cover Flow feature, because a lot of my albums don't seem to have covers...? I'm glad that's not the only way to browse through my music, though.

I just downloaded Nate Borofsky of Girlyman's podcasts and was listening to them. He's so entertaining, and he played some songs I'd never heard before. They were quite pretty. But apparently he and Doris used to be in a relationship?! I never knew that before...

In other news, I love crossdressing so much. ^_^ I went to American Eagle today to buy some clothes, and I was wearing one of the guy polo shirts I'd bought there before. So I'm walking through the store, and I see this thirteen or fourteen year old kid staring at me, holding in his hand the same shirt that I was wearing. I just grinned at him and kept walking, but that was so much fun. *is evil* Hey, it's not my fault that all of the girl clothes are disgusting and won't fit me properly. So I found a few comfy guy shirts, and a nice hoodie that was on sale. Whee!

And it's finally warm outside... I was getting so tired of cold weather. And not rainy at all like they said it was going to be.

Aaaaaaaand... that's about it for now. *runs off to eat more birthday cake*


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