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Since I think I'm pretty much moving away from LJ at this point, I've been working on archiving all of the fics that I've posted. I've been uploading stuff to AO3 (I'm cowboyguy there, too), and then also going back through my LJ, taking the fics down and putting up links to the fic on AO3 instead. It's tough, because I don't quite want to cut ties with LJ just yet, but I also don't want to stay there, either. So much history there... :(

On the masterlist that I created for myself to keep track of things, it turns out that I've written 45 fics! Compared to some other folks, that might not seem like a lot, but it's more than I thought I had written. As frustrating as all this stuff with LJ has been, at least it's giving me the push to get everything organized. Time to move forward and start reconnecting with people and communities in other places. What really makes me sad is the communities that have no plan to move to other platforms, and if their LJ gets deleted, then they're just gone.

So, moving onward! Hopefully I'll make lots of great new connections on Dreamdwith, too, and get used to using this platform instead of LJ. Also, tumblr. I'm still a very passive user on tumblr, because it seems so visual to me, and I'm much more a text-based contributor to fandom. But hopefully I'll figure that out and use it more, too? I'm spacecowboyguy on there, since someone had already taken the cowboyguy name.


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