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2009-04-03 04:40 pm
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2009-01-11 11:06 am
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Doctor Who typos

I was browsing through my DVR last night, and started reading the summaries of the Doctor Who episodes, which turned out to be hilarious.

First we have the summary for "Silence in the Library", which doesn't really do a very good job of summarizing the episode accurately:

The Doctor and Donna are apprehensive about confronting Shifting Shadows, ghastly Nodes, and an edacious Data Ghost in an abandoned 51st century library that is inexplicably linked to the imagination of a 21st century schoolgirl.

So first of all, the Shifting Shadows (who have a much cooler name) don't just shift, they eat all of the flesh from your bones in nanoseconds. Give the things some monster credit, please. Also, last time I checked, the Data Ghost of Miss Evangelista, if that's the one they're referring to, wasn't extremely hungry. Unless you count that dying glitch/wish for ice cream...

The next summary, which was for "Forest of the Dead", similarly misrepresents the episode, while adding in a particularly amusing typo:

The Doctor and the rest of his team escape from the Vashta Nerada with a sonic screwdriver and navigate the terrors of a neglected library that includes a trapped door, mysterious shadows, a black-robed figure, and a Data Ghost.

Trapped door? Really? The people at Fios need to find a good editor... (Pick me! Pick me!)
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2009-01-10 04:22 pm

Rainy and dark and my computer is feeling sluggish

Okay, here I go. Warning: massive link dump ahead. When I've got 32 windows open, each containing several tabs, it's time to close a few before my computer 'splodes.

Neil Gaiman posted on his blog a question someone asked him about fountain pens. And now I have this urge to go out and buy a really pretty fountain pen, even though I have very little experience with them. I'd just like to write pretty words in pretty journals with a handwriting style that is better than my own. Speaking of pretty: flickr has fountain pens.

Neil Gaiman reads a poem called "Instructions" from "Fragile Things". I want that guy to come to my house and read me bedtime stories every night.

Wikipedia says...
Tautologies are funny. So are people with really unusual names.

[ profile] sam_storyteller has written a nice little fic about young!Jack Harkness, called I Were The Heavens.

Eleventh Doctor doesn't look so bad when he's all dressed up.

...Wow, that wasn't nearly as many links as I thought it'd be, but that's it for now. More later if I get bored again.
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2009-01-03 06:27 pm
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New Doctor

I dunno about this guy...
Erm, spoilers? )
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2008-12-26 01:17 pm

Yay Christmas!

Yesterday was wonderful. We had sweet potatoes and the most delicious cranberry stuff and turkey and stuffing and green beans and rolls and PIE and cookies and I think I need to go work out for several hours.

Also, I got a Kindle for Christmas, which had me grinning like an idiot for about an hour after I opened it. It's so pretty...
Now my goal is to make myself a new case for it, similar to the case in this thread.
The first book I bought on it is The Graveyard Book by Neil Gaiman, and it's pretty good so far.

In addition to the Kindle I got, among other things, Series 2 of Doctor Who, Eddie Izzard's Definite Article DVD, and Bafflegab, which looks like it should be a fun game to play. Haven't played it yet, but the basic idea is to create a story in five minutes with a few words and phrases that you choose from the decks of cards.

Aaaaaand, my brother got a Wii, which we've been playing quite a lot since yesterday. Turns out I actually like baseball. Now I can't wait to get some other games for it. I'm thinking The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. The last Zelda game I played was Majora's Mask. I've got some catching up to do...
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2007-03-28 03:41 pm
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Icon pimpage.

Just wanted to pimp some awesome icons I found today, here. They're Firefly/Doctor Who and they're all great.

In other news, I went and bought a bunch of scraps at the fabric store yesterday, and I'm going to try to make stuffed animals to sell. I might try to make them bjd-sized, we'll see how small I can sew. Haven't actually gotten to work on one yet...
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2007-01-01 12:00 am
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Okay, watching more Doctor Who now...
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2006-11-29 10:54 pm
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You know you're obsessed with Doctor Who when... spend an hour doing things like this when you should be writing papers:

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2006-11-16 10:48 am
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Doctor Who makes me sad...

Okay, so I was watching the first season of Doctor Who last night (the new one), and the Doctor regenerated, and I'm a little depressed and happy at the same time. Happy, because he's still alive, and they did save the world. But I'm also really sad, because I'm gonna miss Christopher Eccleston. I liked him, I liked his personality, and he was my first Doctor, so he's what I'm used to. It'll be interesting to see how quickly I adapt to David Tennant being the Doctor.
But...but... I want the Ninth Doctor baaaaaaaaaaack.... *sniff*
I think I'm gonna have to re-rent the whole series to watch it again, either that or go out and buy it before Christmas, 'cause I can't wait until Christmas to get it!

Actually, y'know what? I'm mad. I feel cheated, like they took him away too early. I found the next episode (the Tennant one) on Google Video, so I'm watching it, and I keep glaring at him, because I want him to stop being him and be the Ninth Doctor again.

Wow, obsessed much...?