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So I just heard the sad news last night. Don't leave, David Tennant! *wibbles*
And RTD is leaving, too?! What's the world coming to?

On the other hand, I realize where he's coming from. Better he leave when people will be sad than overstay his welcome. But still!

And I'm anxious to see who the Eleventh Doctor will be. RTD has suggested Russell Tovey, but I'm sorry, I just cannot see "Allons-y Alonso" as the next Doctor. I'm also concerned about the number of regenerations we have left. They've gotta find a way to work around that, 'cause Doctor Who can never end. Never, I say!

I must say, though, whoever they choose, I think I'm going to be mad at him no matter what. I remember being so mad at David Tennant when he first showed up, wearing Nine's clothes and making stupid jokes about Barcelona. I felt so cheated, so betrayed. Nine was my Doctor, and to suddenly have a new guy take his place was upsetting. It took awhile to get used to Ten, but I did, and now I'm probably going to miss him almost as much as I missed Nine. I guess it helps that I have more warning, though. When I watched series one, I was just getting started in Doctor Who, I didn't know that much about the whole DW universe yet.

Ah, well. I guess we'll see what happens.

(Is it bad that I'm going to miss the suit and the trainers almost as much as the Doctor himself?)

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