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Quick, everyone! Circuit City's going out of business and their DVDs are cheap!
I've just added to my DVD collection:
Regarding Henry
Hot Fuzz
The Birdcage
Aliens: Special Edition
The Iron Giant

...No one can ever accuse me of being stuck in one genre.

Now watch me spend the next fifteen minutes trying to get them all out of the packaging.
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So I was watching Lars and the Real Girl last night, and my god, it was like a Queer as Folk mini-reunion! Chris Hobbs and Tracy from the Big Q were in the same scene together. I kept expecting more people to start popping up. Is there a shortage of actors in Canada or something? :D
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I was reminiscing about how I used to be such a big Lord of the Rings fangirl, and finding all of these old videos of the LOTR actors and stuff, and then I remembered THIS! It's really bad Engrish subtitles of The Two Towers, and if you've seen them before, it's always worth another look. But if you haven't seen them before, definitely go take a look now, and try to not die laughing, okay?
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So my friend and I were watching Nirvana music videos the other day, and I was noticing the resemblance between Kurt Cobain and Ewan McGregor. They should make a Nirvana movie before EM gets too old, and he can play Kurt! I wonder if there's anyone I can write to about that, because I think it would be fantastic...


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