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Say hello to my new little buddy!

His name's Frederick, and I knitted him from some leftover yarn that I had that I didn't know what to do with. He was really simple to make, and I'm pleased with the way he turned out, though originally I intended him to look more angry, and now he just looks kind of sad and pathetic... ^_^
But anyway, I love 'im.
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I can't believe it's December already... and the last week of classes! *is excited*

But besides that, check out my new layout, complete with the header [ profile] karenor made for me! (Thanks!) I might still change around a few of the colors, but I think I like it.

So, over the weekend, my aunt briefly showed me how to knit, and me being the crazy-obsessive person that I am, I immediately went out the next day and bought knitting needles and yarn. I'm trying to make a scarf, and so far I've started over three times already, but I'm hoping it'll work out alright. I feel so horribly domestic, but it's fun at the same time. Eventually I want to try making a Harry Potter-type scarf, and if I can get the alternating colors thing right, I might try a Doctor Who scarf. :) *squee*


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