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The other day I was searching for fabric to make a didjeridoo case when I came across something I'd tried to sew about three years ago. He was supposed to be a teddy bear, but since I suck at sewing, he ended up looking more like a misshapen cat-thing... So I stuck him in the closet and ignored him for a long time. When I came across him on Saturday, one of his arms had ripped open, so I sewed that up, drew a little face on him, and made him a makeshift shirt out of a T-shirt sleeve I had laying around. Since he still looks kind of like a dead cat, I named him Roadkill (Roadie for short), but now I'm kind of attached to him -- he looks cute in this sort of forlorn, pathetic way...

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Say hello to my new little buddy!

His name's Frederick, and I knitted him from some leftover yarn that I had that I didn't know what to do with. He was really simple to make, and I'm pleased with the way he turned out, though originally I intended him to look more angry, and now he just looks kind of sad and pathetic... ^_^
But anyway, I love 'im.


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