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So, I did the stupid thing and bought a new doll. ^_^
He got here on January 11th, and I've just been too lazy to post the pictures I've taken so far. So here they come, in one giant picspam.

His name is Gus Alain Gale. He's seven years old, and he's adorable. Only I feel really bad because my parents don't know that I have him yet, so he's been living in a drawer. But anyway, on to the pics! First are some pictures of just Gus, then I've got some with Hadrian and Darcy in the snow, too.

More of Gus and the boys behind the cut! )
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I hate wavering back and forth like this, but I'm thinking about selling Darcy again. I'm just getting to this point where I don't like him. As a doll, as a character. The character that Darcy the doll has become is completely different from the original Darcy character in my head, and it's getting kind of annoying. So I'm really trying to decide whether or not to sell him. Besides, if I sell him, I can buy my Bory right away and have money left over to save up for a good acoustic guitar. Then Hadrian can have a friend to play with instead of an older brother who just looks after him all the time, and I can have money to save for the things I really want instead of keeping this $600 hunk of resin sitting around my house. Gah, I don't know what to do. Aaarrrrgh....
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Oh, man, this is so frustrating. I'm trying to decide whether or not I should sell Darcy. I've already put him back in his box, just to test how much I really miss him. It's been a few days, and it's not as hard as I thought it would be. I'm thinking about him more now that I can't see him, but I think it's mostly about debating whether or not to sell him. It's not so much of an "OMG I miss Darcy let me bring him back out" thing. But I really can't decide if I'd regret selling him if I actually did end up selling him.

So here's my rant.
Reasons to sell Darcy:
1.) He's huge, and I think I like MSDs better.
2.) I don't take pictures of him that much. Mostly all I do with him is sit with him in my lap every once in awhile.
3.) I haven't really bonded with him all that much.
4.) He's so happy. And I've got this thing where I like taking care of sad, pathetic little dolls, like Hadrian. Darcy's all grown up -- he doesn't need me to look after him.
5.) I'm really bad at posing him and getting him to stand properly.
6.) I hate sewing for him, 'cause his butt and thighs are so big and I can never manage to make pants that fit him properly.
7.) If I sold him, I'd have money to buy a Kid Delf Bory, plus some left over to save for other things.
8.) He'd probably get a lot more love if he went somewhere else.
9.) Even if I don't have Darcy the doll, I still have Darcy the character, and I think I'm okay with that... I think.
10.) When I bought him, I think it was more of an "I want an El" impulse than an "I want a Darcy", and so when he got here I just sort of slapped a character on him and I'm not sure if it fits.

So, bottom line, I really can't decide if I want to get rid of him or not. Because I really don't want to regret it. So I can't decide if I should just keep him in his box and see how I do without him for awhile, or if I should try buying him a new wig/eyes and remaking his character...
I'm really starting to want that Bory, too, but I don't have the money for it unless I sell Darcy.
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Darcy refuses to stand for me. Every time I try to stand him up, his legs buckle underneath him. Is it something to do with the stringing? Too tight or too loose?
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I'm so happy Darcy's finally here... ^_________^
Anyway, as promised, I've got pictures!

<(^_^<) <(^_^)> (>^_^)> *happy dance* )
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(I'll post photos very soon. ^_^ )
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So, today Darcy's been circulating through practically every post office within twenty minutes of my house except for the one that actually delivers my mail. Which means he's gonna be here tomorrow. Which means, not today. *wibble*
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I'm so excited! I got an email from Luts this morning saying that my doll's been shipped. I only ordered him on Sunday, I can't believe they're sending him this soon! He's supposed to get here on June 11th, according to the website. He's a normal-skinned El, and I'm pretty sure his name's gonna be Darcy. Might change when he gets here, but we'll see.

*squee!* ^_____________________________________________________^


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