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Title: The Wizarding World of Sam Winchester
Fandom: Supernatural
Rating: G
Summary: Sam and Dean go on a vacation.

Okay, this is super short, and I feel a little bad about that. But I have less than an hour left to post a fic for the month of December, and I'd already written this one. I hope that in 2016 I will be much better about planning, so I can continue with my "post a fic a month" goal.


“It’s— it’s— what is this?” Dean says, dumbfounded, holding up the blue sugary thing on a stick.

“It’s a sugar quill,” Sam explains. “Or, well, the mass market, commercialized, Muggle form of a sugar quill.” He ambles along next to Dean, adjusting the Ravenclaw scarf around his neck even though it’s sunny and 75 degrees outside. At Dean’s ridiculously confused expression, he adds, “It’s a lollipop, Dean.”

Dean stares up at him, eyebrows arched in skepticism. Around them, hundreds of people pass by, the crowd moving forward along the intricately detailed streets of Diagon Alley. Kids beg their parents for brooms, adult fans gather together in shops or wait in line for rides, all decked out in Harry Potter memorabilia.

“You’re such a freak,” Dean responds, rolling his eyes, but he unwraps the feather-shaped lollipop and sticks it in his mouth, quickly turning his lips and tongue blue.

“Yeah, yeah,” Sam replies. “But if there was a Star Trek theme park, don’t try to tell me you wouldn’t be all over that place faster than you can say ‘Enterprise.’” Sam takes a bite out of a chocolate frog and points over at Ollivander’s Wand Shop, where there’s a line of people waiting to get in.

Dean doesn’t say a word, refusing to acknowledge his inner geek.

“C’mon,” Sam says, slinging an arm around his brother’s shoulders. “Let’s go buy you a wand.”

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